The Power of Memoir

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Writing a memoir
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Work with me. I am the Memoir Guru – Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D. My courses will help you reveal those moments in your life that serve to make your story unique and worth telling.


Commit to your story

Many potential memoir writers are stalled by fear. Worried about what others will say and think. I can help you work through those roadblocks and tell your story.


Be brave and persist

The challenges of writing are many, for memoir writing even more so. You will need to explore your memories and hone your craft to excel at storytelling via memoir.


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By learning from an experienced memoir teacher, coach and author, you’ll benefit from my knowledge and experiences in working with so many students over the years.

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Whether you are a beginner, just testing the waters of a story idea, or you’re well into compiling your memories into book form, I can assist you in achieving your goals.

The Power of Memoir.

There is a healing power in memoir writing. Finally capturing your life’s story in a way that has meaning to you and your readers.  Learn how to tell your truth, and publish a memoir that resonates with the world. Start with my online memoir writing courses.

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